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Jim Degerstrom
Born 1949 in Milo, Maine

Three generations of the Degerstrom family lived in Derby, Maine from the early to late 1900's. This small railroad town was more like a suburb of Milo with 2,800 combined population.

The 25 year old portrait here with my wife was taken Down Back in Derby, Maine, one of my favorite childhood places Growin' Up in Maine.

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How times have changed! Who would have thought 50 years ago that one day we'd practically be saying "Happy Halloween and Christmas" in the same breath in October? The illustration here is the 2010 Toys-R-Us Great Big Christmas Book which arrived today with the Sunday paper. If you live anywhere in the USA and get the Sunday newspaper you probably have this in your home right now, and a tad early being it's Halloween.

As a kid in a family of 8 children Growin' up in Maine 50 years ago, Halloween was a special day. Our parents were known for dressing up as ghouls, tramps, or some other childish disguise to take us kids around doing trick or treat. Of course in 1959 no one could have imagined real monsters appearing years later and creating the need to xray a child's Halloween candy.

It wasn't a problem for us. What a huge haul my brothers and sisters took in on Halloween in the 1950's! I can still picture 8 paper grocery bags on our kitchen table filled to the top with candy and other treats, and the fun times trading goodies. Some of that goodness appears to have stuck with me over the years as my waistband continues to expand under the effect of living the good life. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Butternutsage said...

how sad that Thanksgiving gets lost in this holiday sandwich

Jim Degerstrom said...

We are probably no different than all previous generations who in their time period longed for the good old days. The nostalgia is for experiences that were mundane while living in the moment yet very special years later in retrospect.