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jim degerstrom portrait 1950s Learn details of the history of the Growin’ Up in Maine website, author Jim Degerstrom, and plans for additions going forward in the future.

The old portrait shown of me, Jim Degerstrom, and a cat was taken in the 1950’s near home in Derby, Maine.

Three generations of the Degerstrom family lived in this small railroad town from the early to late 1900’s.

Derby, formerly named Milo Junction, was more like a suburb of Milo with 2,800 combined population.

History, Author, and Plans Info

This Website’s History

This site began as an experiment in 2007 to develop code for adding blogs to web design client websites.

It was going to be scrapped once the design technique was perfected. Site visitors made me change my mind.

The response from readers of stories from the 50’s and 60’s was amazing. I decided to keep it going.

For 6 years the site was a free blog hosted on Blogger. In 2014 it moved to a www domain through Blogger.

The new custom mobile friendly version was launched in 2015 and converted from Blogger to WordPress.

Author Jim Degerstrom

I was born in Milo, Maine, and spent my entire childhood appreciating small town life while Growin’ Up in Maine.

This video entitled “60 Years in 60 Seconds” shows how I aged over 60 years, and is in an old blog post, too.

I reside in Florida, yet stay in touch with childhood friends online, and visit Maine every few years, or so.

Future Site Plans

For now, this site has gone from a simple blog to a sophisticated content management system with new pages, not just posts.

Looking ahead, and after the 2015 makeover of this website, future plans include more than just new childhood stories.

Part of the feedback from readers has been interest in a Growin’ Up in Maine book. Stay tuned. That might happen.

Enjoy your visit. Please share online and tell a friend. Thanks.


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