Introduction to Growin’ Up in Maine

Old timers from Maine may have trouble recalling the fine details of moments experienced 40, 50, or 60 plus years ago. For some reason I recall preschool stories in detail that amazed a few of my 7 brothers and sisters. Fishing, hunting, swimming, rafting, camping, ice skating, church, holidays, vacation, playing games, or just exploring in the woods Down Back are all fond memories.

Here’s a photograph taken back in 2000 of a few of the family members at Jo Mary Lake campgrounds in Central Maine which is located between Millinocket and Milo.

No doubt my home town shrunk, or perhaps my legs got longer. Visiting now as an adult, all the vast expanse of 4 square miles that seemed like the universe back then makes me realize how little it takes to be truly happy.

Derby, Maine, estimated population 300, was and continues to be a microcosm of rural life in America. I wouldn’t exchange a single moment in that small hick town for all the potatoes in Aroostook County.

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