The $200 a Pound Fish

This photo (left) shows the before dream fish and the other (right) is my $200 a pound reality fish. Ayuh, the fake version was what I imagined before going ocean fishing on a party boat. The real version weighed in at around a quarter pound, so divided into the cost of the trip, this beauty was $200 a pound and worth every dime. Time well spent is priceless.

Growin’ Up in Maine and 50 miles from the ocean, my life experience fishing was brooks, ponds, streams, and an occasional lake. Before the party boat, my first shot at ocean fishing included the best gear and $5 lures as I tried my hand at surf casting from the beach. The difference between a 6 foot rod for fresh water and a 10 footer was immediately apparent as the first toss was dang near 100 yards.

I was impressed. As I checked the tip of the rod for a twitch and ready to set the hook, imagine the surprise seeing 2 feet of line flapping in the wind. I donated (launched?) several lures before deciding to retire. Time spent in this case would have been more priceless giving away $5 bills outside the IGA.

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