Giant Popsicles from Mother Nature

Growin up in Maine, the real thing for cooling off in the 1950’s was Popsicles®, and they were 5 cents back then. For those of us on limited budgets (8 kids in the family), winter provided a free alternative as in icicles without the Pop. As winter weather turned from frigid and warmed up to near freezing, icicles would form from melting snow at the edge of the roof, and before long the drip drip drip would create 3 foot icicles in what seemed like days.

It was a challenge to toss snowballs at big ones dangling from the roof of a two-story home, and then catch the monster without breaking it. The technique required skill and coordination because they were large and heavy, and needed to fall straight down to get ’em whole. The trick was standing underneath and snatching them before hitting the ground. These were too big for eating, so they were for sport.

The best (free) icicles for eating were the size of a table candle. Nowadays we have acid rain and alot of other pollutants, so I can’t say I’d care to try the flavor of the day. How many Mainers remember summer picnics with popsicles on dry ice and losing skin off your tongue? I do, but never twice.

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