Singing Bass in Every Camp

photo of singing bassAlmost 100 years ago Henry Ford wanted a Model-T in every driveway, or was that another saying with a chicken in every pot? Colonel Sanders? I normally try to mix it up and avoid consecutive stories on one subject, but the spitting bass reminded me of the singing bass, so I felt compelled to break the mix rule after doing this illustration. Do they still make the singing bass?

Here’s an introduction in case this story is older than I recall. More recently than Ford or the Colonel, a creative salesperson set out to place a singing bass in every camp across the USA. In Maine trout and lobster followed soon after. These were introduced well after my first childhood, but I still recall the delightful experience for many of my 50-plus (at last count) nieces and nephews. These plastic battery operated flopping pieces of camp decor were everywhere 5-10 years ago. If you were smart like me, you have a few in storage for the Antiques Roadshow in 2049, AND you kept the box!

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