Maine Riviera Beach Resort

This little known poor man’s equivalent to a Mediterranean Riviera resort located in Milo, Maine was at Hovey’s Beach on the Pleasant River. The jet setters shown enjoying the beach here were accompanied by their parents after paying the 10 cent gate fee circa 1957. Passing through the gate entrance, visitors traversed a cow pasture for a 5 minute bumpy ride to the resort.

Picnic tables, barbeques, and his and her outhouses ensured a comfortable summer afternoon for down to earth family fun. Swimming in the river was cool and refreshing after a 1-2 hour hoola hoop workout or an extremely competitive game of jarts. Admittedly the cow pasture residents used the same beach and water hole, so sidestepping around cow patties was half the fun!

Mistakes were inevitable, but if you’ve never felt that ooze between your bare toes or find it disgusting, try it once and just don’t tell anyone!

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