One Fathers Day 40 Years Ago

While away for basic training in Fort Dix, New Jersey, I once called home but used the NJ area code 201 by mistake, and had a 5 minute chat with an old timer that I found humorous.

After “Happy Fathers Day, Dad” and a few comments back and forth talking at length about sports and fishing this guy says “Who is this?”

Having 4 brothers I laughed and said “… ahhh, cut it out, Dad. It’s Jim… your son, Jim” to which he replied sort of serious but matter of fact “I don’t have a son named Jim.” Starting to grow impatient with his Maine humor, I continued “You’re funny. I was wondering if the fish are still biting. I’ll be home on leave soon.”

Now he shouts, and quite angrily, “Dammit! I don’t have a son named Jim!” to which I thought “What the heck is this guy doing talking so long with me if that’s not Dad?” and then I realized my error. After quickly explaining the area code thingy, we both chuckled and said our goodbyes. My Dad passed a few years back, but the memories never will.

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