Celebrating US Independence Day

Yesterday was Independence Day in the USA, and childhood memories of celebrating illegally come to mind. The patriotic critter in the photo taken at Jo Mary Lake Campground is my best friend, at least she never bit me.

Each summer back in the 1950’s an uncle and his family living outta state would visit Maine for vacation and stop by in Derby. This was often around July 4th, and without fail they brought smuggled fireworks for all the kids to enjoy.

Sparklers. firecrackers, and rockets were impossible to find locally, so it was an exciting moment us youngsters looked forward to each year.

I recall one launch of a coffee can that went straight up and out of sight never to be seen again. This is another of the great mysteries of Derby because the launch area was wide open with large lawns, so my best guess is the can ended up in Nova Scotia.

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