Incredible Submarine of Derby Maine

As youngsters Growin Up in Maine, all that my friends and I needed was a little imagination to find fun things to do all year round. In most cases our games cost nothing. In wintertime, and thanks to the DOT snowplows, we “invented” games like the incredible submarine of Derby, Maine.

The illustration shows me peeking out of a pile of snow typical of what usually accumulated by mid-winter each year. The roadsides of Maine are like frozen slots as snowplows continue to push back snow from consecutive storms.

The dotted line simulates the outline of how a few of us kids would dig a tunnel the shape of a submarine in the roadside snow, with a couple of top hatches to enter and exit. The inside was packed solid like an igloo, so it was dry and warm as we played and yelled out commands for “full speed ahead”, “fire torpedoes” or “abandon ship”.

It would be rare nowadays for kids to play like that. The submarines of the 1950’s have been replaced by video games. Coincidentally, pundits report an increase in the average percentage of teen body fat since the good old days.

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