Maine Lobster DownEast Style

The coast of Maine is called DownEast, and was 50 miles from my hometown growing up in Derby, Maine back in the 1950’s. Trips to the ocean were rare, and when it came to a Maine lobster DownEast style it meant steamed with clams and corn on the cob in seaweed in an open fire on the beach. I’m not sure they do that nowadays, but it was great as a youngster on that one trip around 1957 with my aunt, uncle, and cousin.

Pictured here in the photograph is my wife at a dockside outdoor picnic area at a Maine lobster pound a few years later. Make that MANY years later. The sign with “Welcome to Maine – The way life should be” was not the slogan for Maine at the time, so I inserted it for illustration purposes only. If a sign like that is missing and under investigation, we don’t have it.

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