Some Things Coming Back in Style

Here’s my photo in Derby, Maine, around 1951, and taken in front of the ubiquitous wood pile common in most rural areas at the time. Actually that’s kindling wood. The big stuff was already in the shed. Flat top crew cuts and white bucks may never be taken seriously again, yet in Maine some things are coming back in style.

Tour Maine today and the woodpiles are back. Blame the cost of fuel as more and more people are resorting to old fashioned pot belly wood stoves for heat. The efficiency and odor of burning cedar is nostalgic. Given time, the hoola-hoops, catseye marbles, and lawn jarts may not be far behind.

How many youngsters regret using their Mantle rookie cards for sound effects in the spokes on their bicycle? A dozen of those would pay for a college education nowadays, or a couple trips to the Allagash.

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