Truth About Spring Brook Deadwater

Guest contributor: Blanche Degerstrom (Mom)
Recorded in 2000 on analog microcassette then converted to digital audio.

Introduction: In a previous fishing story of Growin’ Up in Maine Dad reveals the name of the highly guarded secret fishing hole known as Spring Brook Deadwater where insiders fish for Maine brook trout.

In this audio snippet Mom reveals the truth about this secret place, Spring Brook Deadwater, where people catch some of the best native Maine trout.

This is one in a series of guest stories by my late Dad, Ted Degerstrom Sr, and some others like this episode that will feature Mom, Blanche Degerstrom.

Listen now and hear this old recording entitled Truth About Spring Brook Deadwater, or read along with the transcript (Time: 00:18 min:sec):

Truth About Spring Brook Deadwater, by Blanche Degerstrom – Mom (transcript)

Mom: Spring Brook Deadwater.
Self: Is that the name of a fish market?
Dad (and Mom): Heh heh.
Mom: No.
Dad: Yeah.
Mom: It’s the name that ev.. that fishermen give when somebody asks them “Where did you get them?”, and you don’t want to tell them you say “Spring Brook Deadwater”.
All: (laughing)
Mom: It’s not on the map. (the end)

Closing comment from Jim: This was recorded around a campfire at Jo Mary Lake campground near Millinocket, Maine, and you may hear the fire crackling in the background during the telling of this story. More audio from these old clips will be featured in future storytelling.

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