Parkman Family Reunion Memories

degerstrom family siblings in 1957 The small photo shown to the left and taken in Milo Maine around 1957 brings back Parkman family reunion memories of Growin’ Up in Maine.

The 8 people highlighted throughout the photo (left) include my 7 siblings and me. An enlarged version without any edits is included below to show more detail.

As kids we were less than fond of the photo sessions which is obvious from some of the facial expressions, yet 50 years later it is interesting to note the clothing and hairstyles of the era.

Enlarged photo of Parkman Family Reunion, Milo Maine (ca. 1957)

parkman family reunion photo

Earlier this year a new blog was launched featuring the matriarch of the Parkman family shown, my grandmother, and documents the Poetry of Beth Parkman (1893-1975).

She is shown above (2nd female full face from the upper right) and my grandfather Earl Parkman is the second male in from the upper right in the top row.

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