1920’s Streaking in Derby Maine

Contributed by: Larry Hall, Ten Decades of Stories

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female toes testing the water Listen as Larry tells about running to the swimming hole on the Piscataquis River about a mile west of the center of the village of Derby on River Road.

This episode of Ten Decades of Stories as told by Larry Hall is from the mid-1920’s in Derby, Maine.

Larry and I first connected a couple years ago when he contacted me through this blog. How amazing! He and I went to the same grammar school only 35 years apart, and at 90 plus years old he knew some of my Dad’s older siblings.

Streaking, that sport of running nude in broad daylight, is not new. In the 1950’s all us boys went skinny dipping at the old swimming hole Down Back on the Sebec River.

The rule was “No girls allowed”. Seems like the rules were a bit different across town back in the 20’s in a simpler and even more innocent time.

Thanks, Larry, for another great story to bring back memories of Growin’ Up in Maine.

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