$5000 Mickey Mantle Bicycle Motor

mantle 1952 topps in bike spokes Some kids Growin’ Up in Maine in the 1950’s liked the bubble gum that came with packs of baseball cards more than the cards.

We never realized our error using a clothespin to create a $5000 Mickey Mantle bicycle motor.

The card in the photo shown is a Mickey Mantle 1952 Topps card pinned to the bike to create a flap-flap-flap noise against the spokes as we rode around Derby, Maine.

That same card today goes for $5000 to $20,000 depending on the condition. His real rookie card was a 1951 Bowman that goes for far less nowadays.

What a shame we didn’t have a crystal ball for sports or other collectibles like comic books. Just imagine. 100 of those Mantle cards would be worth a half million dollars in 2012, or more.

I do own a personalized baseball with Mickey Mantle’s autograph signed in person in February, 1991. The price was $55. The wait was 6 hours. Mantle died 4 years later having earned more in personal appearances signing memorabilia at card shows than he ever made in his baseball career.

The autographed Mickey Mantle baseball is worth up to $400. Unlike his card kids pinned to flap in the spokes of a bicycle in the 1950’s, that baseball won’t be used or abused for batting practice.

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